Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gray Sky Blues

What a rotten way to start this new year. I had such high hopes. The sun hasn't been out in what seems like weeks, and the dark, sullen populace in Louisville looks to be showing signs of cracking under the pressure with murders and robberies skyrocketing in the last 24 hours.  What the hell is going on?  Can we get some sunlight around here before we all turn to rabid zombies?  No. There's going to be cold air and snow blowing in by Friday.  But so what?  This is January.  The weather is supposed to be terrible and we are supposed to be hiding from the elements by hunkering down underneath many blankets with good gin and interesting people.

Please try and keep your wits.  Spring is coming.  Soon.
Now the news:

- Ed Springston is officially in the race for Kentucky's 28th District House of Representatives seat.  Ed is running as a Republican.[Louisville News & Politics][WLKY32]

- Louisville Metro Government is jacking up fees for liquor licenses, and while they are at it, are making up laws as they go along. Yes, I know....what else is new? [C-J]

- A formal announcement is expected Tuesday on the future of Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant and the Ford Explorer. If it is good news, will the mayor try to take the credit?  Will the Governor? Or will someone remind these fools that the employees made all the sacrifices? [WAVE3]


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  2. Man, what's with the above comment? Has your blog been hacked by the chinese government, or is it Japanese? Yes, the pols will take credit for any good news about Ford. If there is bad news the workers ( ie, evil union thugs) will be blamed. The supreme court ( brought to you by the fortune 500 club) will rule in favor of business, and as usual we all get f***ked! Hopefully they will use some KY jelly! T.S.Keith