Thursday, January 28, 2010

Runaway Toyotas!!

They say the cover-up is always worse than the crime, and this case seems to be no exception. But that is what you get for buying a Toyota. Company loyalists and spin doctors are all over the news doing damage control but the cold, hard facts remain. Here are some articles on the "runaway Toyota" accelerator problem.  One of them is from 2007.  Keep in mind that federal investigators have conducted six (6) separate investigations into this matter since 2003 regarding the same complaint and that, to date, there is no solution to the problem. Park your Toyota.  Or better yet, trade it in for an American car.

- ABC News (2009)

- (2009)

- (2007)

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  1. Good post Tucker!This problem started during the Bush term when the company cover up was put into place.Toyota's marketing has always jump on other auto problems.LET THE GAME BEGIN! Toyota SHAME on you for putting the safety of the American public at odds with profit.Beware pass a Toyota with caution, it maybe the car running over you!