Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mayoral Debate on Downtown Development

89.3 WFPL will air live coverage of the Mayoral Forum today at noon from the Convention Center. The debate will focus on issues related to development in downtown Louisville.

Listen live HERE.

UPDATE: Some of these candidates surprised me.  It sounded as though a few of them wandered into the room, strolled on stage and got miked by mistake. In case you missed the live broadcast, the archived version can be found by clicking HERE.

Analysis: Tyler Allen has found his voice, formed his message and is pounding it home. Allen is the clear winner here, outclassing the rest of the field by miles. Sharp answers. Passion. Intellect. Has a vision for Louisville and articulated it well. Very impressive. The rest (according to my notes) in no particular order: "Shallow Hal" Heiner erroneously continues to take credit for creating jobs by leasing warehouses to companies who actually do the hiring. Katie King's dad sounded as arrogant as ever because, well, he is smarter than you and way more successful. King also acted as though downtown was some sort of lawless war zone that needed its own police force to control the crime there. Chris Theineman stated Louisville was the most heavily taxed city in the country, said "uh" a thousand times and consistently turned to the shopworn tactic of beating up on Jerry Abramson (who is not in the race, by the way). Shannon White knows how to dress herself as well as other women and thinks Macy's is a small local business. The smartest one, Jackie Green, is an eccentric that can make the race fun just by telling the truth. Burrel Farnsley drinks too much and possibly had a few [dozen] before showing up today wearing shorts.  The monotone, utterly unexciting drone that is ice-machine inventor and self-described "entrepreneur" Greg Fischer needs to use the "big boy" voice when he shows up somewhere to campaign.  David Tandy failed to menace. Tandy's jobs program is based on Louisville's mayor revamping the Commonwealth of Kentucky's education system, which is impossible.

More to come soon, and thanks for making The Valley Report a part of your day.


  1. King,Tandy,Fisher etc. are unelectable.
    Vote Farnsley the raging drunk for fun or Allen for progress.
    Nice job u did here!

    14th district voter

  2. What's disgusting is that really no one on either party really has any idea what's going to get this community turned around economically and get the 40,000 people out of work back to work making good wages and being able to provide for their families. Plus the other hundreds of thousands that probably in some cases need better jobs and better pay and real benefits.

    The only real fuss with Tyler Allen is that he needs to focus on more than just 8664 and really look at ways to get this mess turned around. The mess is only going to get worse the more that the current administration and future administration ignores it. That being said, I don't see any of the Democrats being electable because some of them have their own issues with nepotism, corruption, and downright greed. That or you have the candidates that have no real vision other than to try to get noticed.