Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shallow Hal Refuses Debate

My old friend, former coworker, radio host and fellow blogger Ed Springston has received word that 19th district Metro Councilman and Republican candidate for mayor Hal Heiner has refused to appear on Ed's radio show for a debate with Chris Thieneman. Hal's gang gives flimsy excuses on the refusal and sheepishly accuses Ed of extreme bias. Read all about it HERE.

Shallow Hal's campaign is clearly doomed and is now showing the fear.

An aside: Every time you hear Heiner speak, he brags about creating thousands of jobs in Louisville. He claims, as mayor, that he will bestow his genius upon the unwashed masses in order to continue to create jobs...but the only thing Hal is creating is an illusion.  In 1997, Hal "tapped into his life savings", bought some cheap land and developed it using out of town contractors.  A few companies moved in and hired some people at a low wage, and BANG!  That's Hal's record of "creating jobs".  I can tell you about a few more jobs he didn't create in Louisville. His campaign website,, was created by The Stoneridge Group, 554 W. Main Street, Tannery Row, Bldg. A - Suite 200, Buford, GA 30518.

That's Georgia, and that's all folks.

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  1. It's interesting that a candidate touts his record as a job creator and then brings 10 and 12 dollar an hour jobs to the region and talk about their record. Amazing the hypocrisy. Then why won't he come on the show or record. I mean, the facts are the facts you see. Whether someone is Democrat or Republican or Independent, Green, etc. We ought to expect all the people running for mayor to be running on the facts.