Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Madness: State Legislature May Go Into Overtime

- The Kentucky General Assembly has wasted so much of your time this session with silly resolutions, unconstitutional laws, weasel-like maneuvering and massive amounts of throat-clearing that they are now nearly certain to require a special session to finish any real work. They should have to do this on their own time, since they wasted all of ours. [CJ]

- Entrepreneur, businessman, robotic drone, candidate for mayor and magic ice machine inventor Greg Fischer is receiving probing questions over at The Ville Voice regarding the amount of invention he actually put into that little ice machine deal.  Fess up, Greg.  The last thing Louisville needs is another cagey, shady, smiling jackass running the show. [VilleVoice]

- It has been revealed that nearly everything about Sarah Palin is phony. Even her FOX show. [NPR]

- The reviews are in and it looks as though Southwest Louisville has a hit on its hands with the PRP Skate Zone. Stop by soon and support your local independent businesses.

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