Saturday, April 03, 2010

Weekend Update

- At long last, the Qdoba Mexican Grill on Dixie Highway is set to open April 12.

- A new Olive Garden will take the place of the old Circuit City at the Jefferson Mall. Work to begin soon.

- Question: Who would enjoy a locally-owned steak house on Dixie Highway?  Not the national chain, slop-house type with a buffet and a sticky floor from the desert bar, but a real, classy, top of the line steak house. Give me your opinions.

- As workers at Jeffboat strike the company over health care takeaways, the company has threatened workers in a news report on WHAS11. In the report, a company spokesperson raises the possibility of a lock-out by management.  The spokesperson says the area unemployment rate is 10%, which is an underhanded way to say "there are people that will work for anything".  My message to the striking workers is this: Stay out, and stay out until you win. And stick together. Some of us are behind you and your families 100%.


  1. Any kind of restaurant on Dixie that didn't involve plastic trays and paper bags would be welcome

  2. There's a great spot for a steakhouse on Dixie- where "Issi's" steakhouse used to be, right near the new skating rink. Back in the day, it was a lovely place for a sit down meal.

  3. A "locally-owned steak house" or a nice Italian restaurant (like the Macaroni Grill) would be most welcome additions to Dixie Highway, in my opinion.