Saturday, June 12, 2010

Heitzman Bakery Opening Valley Location

This is just a quick update over the weekend to let you know that Heitzman's Bakery is opening a store at 5427 Valley Station Road, next to Beef O'Brady's. The renovation of the building's interior is underway. The site was formerly home to a gas station, a liquor store and most recently, a barbecue restaurant.

Please welcome this LOCAL BUSINESS investment to Southwest Louisville by supporting them with your $$$$!!!


  1. As long as you don't mind people that work and bake there not that clean" with the surrounding of food and what they put the food on. And you will not want to work at that one long because they are not running that store professional at all with employees or as owners they hold 3 weeks back on checks and they pay weekly then when they fire you are lay off or if you quiet you have to fight for you 3 weeks they hold back on you they continue this with all people who are not family I know a few people who worked there and all complaints the same!!! as well some never got all their checks still! I'm truly telling the truth I've seen all for my own eyes. so buyers and any who want to work there beware.

  2. If you work for an employer and they do not pay you, there are specific remedies via the laws of state and federal governments. Besides this store isn't even open yet. If you are dumb enough to work without being paid you deserve to get screwed. If you were as good a baker as you are a writer, then its no wonder they fired you. Dumbass.

    I can't wait until this store opens. THANK YOU Heitzman for your investment in Valley Station.

  3. I worked for the Heitzman's in the East end some years ago. It was truly a horrible experience; some days I wept the whole drive home; it was that miserable a place to work. We were constantly understaffed and overworked. The business was too successful; we had more work than the employees were physically capable of producing. I lasted about six months and took the first alternative job I could find in order to escape. That job ruined me creatively; to this day, I no longer enjoy decorating cakes.

    But the bakery was NEVER dirty, and the food was always good. Standards of cleanliness and food quality were top notch. There was one incident of a late check, but only once in the entire time I worked for them. That could happen with any employer. Sometimes relations between the owners and the staff weren't great- pressure to produce was high on both sides. But I don't believe they actually tried to withhold anyone's pay illegally. That's ridiculous.

    I suspect the first commenter is an ex employee with a grudge, looking for revenge.

  4. We are extremely thankful for a bakery in Valley Station. I have been to the other Heitzman's bakery locations and they are very good. We don't expect this one to be any different. The Birthday Cakes are fabulous. We plan to shop there often. Thanks Heitzman's for coming to Valley Station. We won't let you down, you can count on our support.

  5. FYI,

    There are multiple locations....with that being said, there are multiple owners. I drive out of my way to go to another owner's shop because they are sooo much nicer there! Hope this helps!

  6. So glad you are here. I hope the economy improves so we can visit you more often.