Tuesday, August 31, 2010


- It is expected to be announced tomorrow (Wednesday) that state senate ogre David Williams and Richie Farmer will run for Governor/Lt. Governor.  Reading some of Farmer's quotes in a WHAS11 story reminded me of other infamous, unqualified gasbags like Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin.  Seems to be a trend. [WHAS11]

- Arena officials and "traffic experts" are still trying to put together a parking plan for U of L basketball games. Summary: You're on your own. [CJ]

- State Fair officials are actually blaming this year's lower attendance on the concert lineup. Next excuse: Donut Burger. [CJ]

- The government that should stay out of our lives should "protect us" from tattoo parlors.  [FOX Business]

- Greg Fischer unveiled a "jobs plan" today while standing in front of the Renaissance Zone, "a largely vacant business park south of Louisville International Airport". Fischer said with his leadership, the place could become the next Riverport, (a low-wage industrial park in Southwest Louisville that has failed to live up to expectations).

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