Sunday, August 29, 2010

SW Business Briefs

- Cemex has officially completed the sale of its cement plant in Kosmosdale, among other holdings in Kentucky. The plant is now owned by Bluegrass Materials Company LLC. [Business First]

- Greg Fischer, candidate for mayor, opened his own Southwest Louisville headquarters yesterday.  The office is located at 9301 Dixie Highway, just down from the palm reading gypsy/psychic place. Click HERE for a picture.

- The New Albany City Council has joined the growing chorus of anti-tolling voices in denouncing the Ohio River Bridges Plan.  [News and Tribune]  More required reading on the subject to be found HERE, courtesy of Leo Weekly.

- Southwest Louisville's seventeenth Dollar General store is currently under construction at 7879 Third Street Road. Will 17 be enough?  [The Local Weekly]

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