Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DeSales High Candidate Forum - SW Candidates

The Iroquois Neighborhood Association is the oldest such group in Louisville. Maybe that's why they know how to draw a crowd.  Last night the association hosted a candidate forum at DeSales High School that featured many incumbents and several challengers. I have written an account of the most interesting candidates on my new blog that is being featured at Insider Louisville.

In addition to those candidates, here are some thoughts on additional races in Southwest Louisville:

- Mike Nemes, candidate for State Representative 38th District, spoke about bringing opportunities back to the South End. Nemes said although he "squandered" most of his opportunities in life, he still sees the need to have said opportunities for future generations. Nemes also lamented on the "forgotten" feeling South End residents feel when they think of government, but it is my opinion citizens are upset with local officials, not state ones. Nemes talked about Iroquois Park being neglected and the "eyesore" status of Colonial Gardens, even though Iroquois is under local control and has received investments totaling $9 million over the last several years.

Nemes is running against incumbent Tim Firkins. Rep. Firkins was present and gave an uplifting talk about his time in the state legislature. Firkins says the state needs to urgently address tax reform, but in an "enlightened way".  He said education was his first priority. Firkins ended with a quote from Robert Kennedy, saying "Politics is an honorable profession", an pledged to do all he could to promote progress in his district.

- Wade Hurt is the Republican candidate for State Representative in the 37th District. Hurt opened with his credentials as a certified concealed-carry instructor and former vice-president of South Louisville Community Ministries. If elected, he promises to create jobs, eliminate "wasteful spending" in Frankfort and "make state government more efficient and effective". These things all sound great, but there was no discussion on exactly HOW these things would be accomplished. Hurt supports expanded gaming in the state.

Jeff Donohue is the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 37th District. The seat is being vacated by the retirement of Ron Weston. Donohue is a lifelong resident of the district and a former union representative and negotiator that spent his minutes before the crowd explaining the complicated ritual of contract talks at Ford Motor Company. It wasn't apparent what his message was, but if he develops one and delivers the way he did last night, he could win big. Time is short.

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