Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rand rolls in, out of Southwest Louisville

The Rand Paul for U.S. Senate campaign rolled into Southwest Louisville Government Center tonight, and as quickly as it began it was over.  What was billed as a two hour event lasted just over half an hour, as the good doctor bailed for the exits after speaking about 12 minutes. I have in my hand a written estimate of the attendance.  It says:
"84 people seated, 70 standing, 154 total.
Faithfully submitted,
Ron Mexico"

Rand Paul, U.S. Senate Candidate
There is one fact clearly missing from my friend's excellent reporting. 100 of said total were Louisville union members that showed up to ask questions. The crowd from organized labor, most wearing t-shirts emblazoned with union logos, certainly took organizers of the event by surprise. When Rand arrived to mingle, the union insignias stunned his eyeballs and nearly ruined his mind.

The speakers, in order of appearance:

- Rachel Ford - Tea Party Organizer (and amateur pollster)
- Chris Thieneman -Former mayoral candidate
- Dan Seum - State Senator with 27 years on the government dole
- Rand Paul

It seemed to me that the speeches given were altered a little due to the overwhelming labor presence. Ford and Seum both touted their "union family backgrounds" during their short presentations. What began as the "Betrayal of Union Values Tour" ended with a whimper as Paul claimed a prior engagement with family and sped away. When the room emptied into the parking lot, there were chants of "Run, Rand, Run", much to the chagrin of the remaining Paul supporters, most of which were too disgusted or too aloof to realize they were attending a Rand Paul rally at a government center.

The best contradiction of the evening came when Paul commended Sen. Seum for his eons in public service, then only minutes later restated his firm belief that term limits must be imposed upon politicians.

I'm looking forward to the next meeting.  Hopefully, Dr. Paul will clear his schedule.


  1. How was a political rally held at the government center. Something seems wrong there. Who hosted this?

  2. The "who", as in, who hosted this event is still unknown, as no one really seemed comfortable taking credit for it. Fox41 said it was Thieneman. Rand Paul's guy David Goldberg said it was Doug Hawkins, and I heard a woman say she was "glad Rachel took the time to put this together".


  3. My invitation lists that Catherine Bailey,Dan Seum, Doug Hawkins,Shelly May, and Chris Thieneman were the Hosts. Everyone was invited till everyone showed up,it should have stated TEA BAGGERS only!

  4. HA,ha,ha.LOL. LMAO. He actually ran away! ROTF!

  5. Rand Paul is the most poorest excuse for a politician that I have ever seen in my last 31 years as a VOTER. His issues that he stands on will hopefully one day fall from beneath him and he will realize what a fool he is and just back out of politics altogether.