Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Group plans to "bombard" local eatery with customers

Wednesday, August 24th beginning at 7:00pm, you can take part in a unique and satisfying event that helps your locally-owned businesses and improves your community. 

In a series known as "Random Bombardment Night", a local group will be flooding selected local businesses with customers willing to spend a little money and have a good time. 

This week's choice is Nana's Country Kitchen at Lower Hunters Trace and Cane Run Road. HERE is a map.

The Facebook group "I AM Dixie Highway" has created "Random Bombardment Nights" in order to get people together and help out a south end business. That is a noble cause and one for which we can all be proud.

You may RSVP to this event by clicking HERE.

To learn more about the group or to join, please visit the link above to see the group's Facebook page. You don't have to join to take part in the event, and there are no mandatory fees or dues. You just need a willingness to participate in a good civic action and a desire to have fun.

It is recommended you RSVP through the event page so the staff at Nana's can accommodate what hopefully shall be an enormous crowd.

The group's first event at Valley Dairy Freeze attracted nearly 60 people and included three representatives of Louisville's Metro Council.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Brian, according to the FB page, the locations of the bombardment are not announced until Tuesday night so that it is not "leaked" where the group will bombard. It is supposed to be a surprise when the group shows up.It is with this understanding that everyone should be patient on placing and getting their orders as the staff will most likely NOT be prepared. However, people who will be attending should RSVP on the page so the group will know how many to expect.

    I think this is a great event to boost our local establishments. Wish we could have done this to Sonic and others before they pulled out of Valley Station.