Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Auburndale Neighborhood Association Supports Troops from LMPD

On Tuesday evening, August 23rd, the Auburndale Neighborhood Association will be collecting goods for LMPD officers who are deployed overseas. ANA will arrange transport of all items collected starting at 7PM at Kenwood Elementary School. Suggested items to donate include:

• Laundry Detergent (powder is the one that can be shipped)
•Gallon Size Resealable Plastic Bags
•Air Fresheners (no liquid or aerosols can be shipped)
•Coffee • Sweetened drink mixes
•Toaster pastries (Cherry and Strawberry)
•Oatmeal (Peaches and Cream/Apple Cinnamon)
•Mac n Cheese (instant ones that you only add hot water)
•Chewing gum 
•Canned Cheese (again no aerosols) 
•Ramen or Cup of Noodles
•Summer Sausage and/or Slim Jims
•DVD movies and/or Music CD’s
•Sunflower Seeds, Trail Mix (remember the heat, chocolate will melt)
•New Magazines 
•Board/Travel Games
•Toothbrushes and/or Toothpaste (plastic tubes best for shipping) 
•Mouth Sprays/Breath Strips
•Granola Bars and/or Protein Bars
•Ear Swabs

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