Saturday, August 20, 2011

UPDATED: Let us hope this is not our destiny. But it probably is.

The first video is a classic in local television commercial stupidity. Straight out of Alabama:

If that was not enough for you, check out this next entry. Straight out of Valley Station. The ultimate in embarrassing idiocy. May the Lord have mercy on us.


  1. Good Lord I hope not..

  2. I'm afraid so. We are finished here. Finished.

    Unless, of course, the folks at Baceline Investments carry through on their promise to eliminate this dumb ass place.

    But if they do not, then to hell with all of it. Even this blog.

  3. OH MY GOD! Tell me that this isn't real...I saw them making fun of that guy on World's Dumbest...isn't there a way we can all sign a petition and get rid of these eye sores? Like Valley station doesn't get enough crap? How are we ever going to get a better rep when they put places like this in????

  4. Erica, I wish I knew what to do. I've tried it all. This is, unfortunately, as real as it gets.

    If you feel like people look down on Valley Station now...well..."you ain't seen nothing yet".

  5. In three years, after 708 posts, this is the single most ridiculous thing I've ever had to write about on the Valley Report. We've always called something like this the "worst possible scenario", and it's becoming a reality.

    It has been a tough couple of years around Valley. But that's no excuse for stooping to this level and allowing it to happen. I'm sorry, but it's going to take a while to get over this one. If this flea market becomes a full-fledged reality, we may never recover as a community.

    Again, I'm tired of losing around here. If you want to help to try to stop this madness, I'll give it one more shot. But that's it. One more and I'm done.

  6. Oh ya ! I'm sure a Cracker Barrel or any real realitor will want to move in near "it's just like, just like, a Mini Mall"

  7. Goofiest ads ever. Should be a treat when it opens.

  8. It is the management company's responsibility to screen their tennants but let's not forget KROGER has the lease on that space. KROGER subleased that space to the flea market vendors. Shame on them!!

  9. right on, SHAME ON KROGER!!!

    "Kroger. Less Value For The Way We Live"

  10. So does anyone here have a solution to this problem?

  11. we can picket on the sidewalk but the best thing we can do is not give them any of our money and urge our friends and neighbors to do the same. Who wants to start a petition? hello???

  12. Well hello there, how are you??? lol!!!

    I could help with a petition, but this flea market is already a done deal, right? Maybe I am missing something here but I don't see how a petition would help now.

    I too will not shop there, and will urge my friends and neighbors to do the same as well.

  13. I don't know that a petition would do much good. Phone calls and emails to Baceline Investments LLC out of Denver, CO. might help ratchet up the pressure. I would advise contacting them. They are responsive. Perhaps a door to door leaflet campaign of homes in the area and/or a total boycott of the entire center until this is resolved.

    Sidewalk pickets would draw visibility, but will also draw people supportive of the flea market. Stay in the public right-of-way and do not be confrontational or litter. I think you'd be surprised at the level of support.

    Most important thing: VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS. Shop elsewhere. Shouldn't be too tough. We already have to do that anyway! Good luck and if I can help, please include me.


  14. Contact Baceline Investments LLC

    Call them and let them know what you think about the Flea Market!

  15. When you call Baceline ask them what they meant by this statement in Business First on Monday, January 17, 2011

    Baceline plans to implement an aggressive revitalization plan for Dixie Valley designed to attract top tenants intended to build on the momentum created by the Wal-Mart renovation, according to a news release.
    “We continue to see great opportunity in vibrant communities, many near centers of higher education like Louisville,” David Puchi, principal of Baceline Investments, said in the release. “Another advantage we see for Dixie Valley is the recent expansion of Fort Knox.”

  16. Baceline
    Melissa Wilson, Property Manager & Lease Admin
    Properties Managed: Dixie Valley