Sunday, August 14, 2011

Valley High School Renovation Update

Photo by Mark Lynch for The Valley Report
Progress is being made as the planned renovation and improvements at Valley High School continue. Demolition of current buildings is complete and the project has entered the construction phase.

The plan calls for $26 million in improvements to accommodate the Health and Medical Career Magnet program. There will be a new 3,200 seat arena with a walking track constructed on the site.  The arena will be made available to students of Valley High School and other area schools as well as community use. It will be quite an asset to the school and the entire southwest area.

The plan also includes several high-profile and much needed improvements to the science labs.

There will also be other improvements concerning the general appearance and maintenance of the school.

Valley High School has a long standing tradition in Southwest Louisville and is something the community is proud of and pleased to support. Check back for updates as the renovation progresses.

Any questions? Feel free to call Metro Councilman Bob Henderson (D-14) at 502-574-1114.

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