Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LMPD 3rd District crime trends: Lock up your stuff

A home burglary was reported off of Flintlock were valuables were taken. Be vigilant in keeping your eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary, especially late at night. A second home burglary was reported in the same area where the victim saw a black male suspect wearing glasses try to break in to the front window. The suspect fled with nothing in a light blue 90’s model Toyota Corolla with rust.
A theft from a shed was reported off of Lower Hunters where big items were stolen. Always call the police with any suspicious activity you may witness.

A theft of a vehicle was reported off of Graston Ave.

An unknown white female was reported to have asked to use the bathroom inside a home on St. Andrews Church Rd. Once inside, the female is suspected to have stolen 2 pistols and a shotgun. Any information that you may have to help in the investigation, please call police.

A home burglary was reported off of Terry Rd. Force was used to get into the home where 4 different class rings along with other valuables were taken.

An air conditioning unit was reported stolen from a residence in Sylvania.

A vehicle was left UNLOCKED in the parking lot of the Walmart on Raggard Rd and a laptop was stolen from this car. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR VEHICLES AND SECURE ALL VALUABLES OUT OF PLAIN SIGHT.

There was a report of a home burglary off of St Andrews Church Rd. The glass on the back door was damaged and valuables inside were taken. Keep an eye out for any suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood and ALWAYS call the police with any concerns.

2 separate reports were taken on National Turnpike. The first was a vehicle that was broken into with valuable property inside. The second was a business burglary where a hole was cut into the fence in order to gain access to the property. If you happen to be out late at night and see any that you deem suspicious going on, never hesitate to call the police.

Police are looking for a gray truck that was seen to be involved in a theft on Fairdale Rd.

An MSD sewer grate was reported stolen on Sinclair. Any information you may have in regards to this type of theft, please call the police.

A firearm was reported stolen from a vehicle off of Torrington Rd. Remember to lock your vehicles and hide any valuables that you may have in plain sight. It’s best to leave nothing of value in your car anytime you are away from it.

We had 2 MSD catch basin grates reported stolen from the area surrounding Stone Ridge Landing. If you have any information that could help police in these thefts, please don’t hesitate to call.


There was a report of a car break in off of Bethany Ln. Remember to be vigilant in calling for police assistance anytime you feel you may be in need.

A home burglary was also reported in the area of Terry Rd and Morning Glory.

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