Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome to Southwest Louisville Magazine

There's a new entry in the virtual news world that is focused on our corner of the universe. "Southwest Louisville Magazine" is a new site that recently launched and is dedicated to news and discussion of events and happenings around the southwest.

Southwest Louisville Magazine joins an increasingly large web presence for our community. The more, the merrier. Stop by and check it out today.

New on the site right now is a petition against the recent opening of the Vendors Village flea market in the Dixie Valley Shopping Center. There is also a forum, classified ads and a restaurant directory with more to come.

Interesting feature: The site's content can be translated in over 20 languages.

Support this new venture in our community and participate today.


  1. Really? Shouldn't we promote the good things in Valley Station and encourage a business to thrive and instead focus on negative businesses like strip clubs, liquor stores and outdated, unsafe buildings and businesses? I am all for free speech but this is just windmill fighting?

    Vendors Village is a much cleaner option for bargin hunters than many in the area. It also gives 200+ people a place to have an outlet for much needed extra income as well as a place for locals to shop for items they need. The only ones hurting this shopping center the management and the owners raising rent to such a ridiculous amount forcing out others out of business.

    If we want change, it starts with us... Residents of Valley Station and changing the perception of ourselves to the rest of the metro and the people who represent us.

  2. Vendors village is costing us more economically in deterring other quality businesses that could fill the dozens of empty stores in the center than what it provides the 200+ people.

    Many who have had booths there have stated that they barely broke even and went out of business in one month.

    This is a major anchor store in one of the newest shopping centers in our area. Put in a store like this in Dixie Manor and see how it would decline?

    We can't cut our nose off in spite of our face