Wednesday, January 04, 2012

So long, Gatewood. You were the man for your time and place.

Kentucky politics lost a giant today with the death of Gatewood Galbraith. He was 64.

Gatewood added to the colorfulness of our political landscape and held a wide variety of beliefs. He was more than the "pot candidate", as he was so often portrayed in the traditional media. More than any of that, he was a nice guy.

I first met Gatewood during one of his five gubernatorial campaigns. In 1991, I was a student at the University of Louisville and had the pleasure of meeting him between classes in front of the Ekstrom Library. He was the only candidate hanging around college campuses at that time and his issues were simple. To me, Gatewood possessed much common sense- a trait not often found in today's political figures.

During that short talk at U of L, Gatewood asked us to give him a shot at running the state. I shook his hand and promised him my vote. In fact, after reading the flyer that was handed to me, I promised him I would vote for him every time he ran for office.

I kept that promise, like so many other Kentuckians who became frustrated with the normal process of electing leaders in the Commonwealth.

In the coming hours and days, you will likely read much about Gatewood's past and the many nice things people have to say about him. It will probably be the first time he has ever received a fair shake in the media. I think he would be pleased.

He will be missed.

Stay free, Gatewood. And thanks.

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