Friday, January 06, 2012

You got your Cracker Barrel. Now what?

Metro Louisville government has issued a permit to Rueff Sign Company for the construction of signage for the Dixie Highway Cracker Barrel. Here is the text of the permit application:
"four signs for "Cracker Barrel". 1) 7'6 1/2"x13'3 double face illuminated 2) 7'x13' single face attached non-illuminated 3) 7'x13 attached single face non-illuminated and 4) 7'x13' attached single face non-illuminated. Shall comply with KBC 2007 and LDC Chapter 8."

The cost is estimated at $8000 for the sign work.

As of this writing, there are no details on the amount of incentives given to Cracker Barrel for the opening of this location. You will remember that tax incentives were one of the demands by company executives when considering the site at 11000 Dixie Highway.


  1. It just doesn't make any sense that they turned down their request the first time. Now it's election time.(even though councilman Henderson is retiring) It would appear someone wanted votes.The next question is how much did Family dollar get to build their store at Dixie and Pendleton?

  2. The city never denied any request from Cracker Barrel that I am aware of. The ball has been in the company's court for several years.

    Personally, I don't think a city councilman like Bob Henderson is powerful enough to either approve or stop a project in his district...especially by himself.

  3. I like Cracker Barrel and love eating there, but I sure hope taxpayer money wasn’t involved.

    The idea they would build a food restaurant with tax incentives or forgivable loans -during a time the city/county needs income- is sickening.

    These businesses need to start pulling their own weight in our community and stop looking for handouts...period.

  4. I wish they had gotten an "independent" restaurant. Or maybe even a few small ones on this land. I would have preferred Bethany Methodist Church still be there.

  5. No public dollars or tax incentives were given to Cracker Barrel for this restaurant.