Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Flea market fail: Vendors Village closing doors

Vendors Village, Dixie Highway
Multiple sources are confirming that the Vendors Village flea market at the old Kroger location in the Dixie Valley Shopping Center will be closing permanently on January 31, 2013.

Reports are circulating that Planet Fitness will take the place of the controversial flea market.

Opened last year, Vendors Village was the subject of heavy criticism from some forward-thinking Valley residents who had higher hopes for the then-vacant retail space. Prompted by anger and frustration, several residents wrote letters to Baceline Investments of Colorado, the owner of the shopping center.

Shortly after my series of columns appeared on the subject, I was contacted by Baceline executives and assured that the flea market would not remain in the Dixie Valley Center, as a flea market business was not what they considered to be a desirable tenant.

Baceline's David Puchi said last year, "We had no control over that flea market going in there, and we are committed to bringing in high-quality tenants, and that does not mean a flea market … that doesn’t fit with our plans for the center.”

Messages left for executives at Planet Fitness were not returned.

But a win is a win. Let's do more of that around here.

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  1. Awesome. Score one for Dixie. I would rather it be empty then a flea market. Fitness club would be nice, what ever just no flea market!

  2. Its Just like, Its just like a closed mini mall..... LOL!!!!

  3. Great headline. Great story. Great reporting.

  4. I too have contacted Baceline and talked with them. Krogers sublet this Vendors Village. Probably to prevent Wal-Mart from expanding to a full super center... or prevent another grocery outlet from coming in.

    Baceline was renovating the center and literally stopped the moment this abomination went in. While some booths are profitable, many people rent them only to have their ass handed to them when their booth doesn't make their rent. The owners of this establishment make at least $100 per booth which if it has 300 booths its adds up quickly.

    A lot of the products sold at these malls often can be good buys, but they are also full of name brand rip offs (counterfeit products), recalled products often personal care and food products, and things that are just plain junk. I am glad it's going... thanks Brian for your outstanding work, you are a treasure to our community.