Friday, January 11, 2013

Register now for Neighborhood Institute Spring 2013

The Center For Neighborhoods has launched the Neighborhood Institute for Spring 2013.
It will be held at New Directions Housing Corp. (1000 East Liberty Street) January 29th - April 16th. The Institute is held every Tuesday for 12 consecutive weeks from 6:00-8:30pm and dinner is provided each week. 
The Neighborhood Institute Spring 2013 is open to all neighborhoods, Metro Council Districts and the whole community. 
To register for the 12-week program, contact Lisa at 502.589.0343 or
Begun in 1987, the Neighborhood Institute is a comprehensive leadership program designed to provide neighborhood leaders with the skills and understandings necessary to lead effective neighborhood organizations.  The Institute is conducted as a twelve-week seminar twice each year.   
The Center For Neighborhoods (formerly the Louisville Community Design Center) envisions a community driven by an array of lively civic institutions working in partnership with local government and one another to create sound neighborhoods and community. The purpose is to empower citizens and citizen-based institutions to have an effective role in making their neighborhoods good, decent, and attractive places to live. Continuing 33 years of work, the Center For Neighborhoods pursues its mission and fundamental purpose through leadership education, through community planning, and by assisting neighborhood-based development and improvement.

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