Monday, November 17, 2008

Statement on Water Company Rate Increases

The Majority Caucus of the Louisville Metro Council has released a statement on the Water Company's rate hike:

Transportation and Public Works Committee to review Louisville Water Company rate increase
Officials to explain 5.5 per cent rate increase on Monday, Dec. 1st
Louisville – Officials of the Louisville Water Company have been invited to appear before the Metro Council’s Transportation and Public Works Committee to review a recently approved 5.5 per cent rate increase for its customers.
“There are many members of the committee who would like background information on the need for this increase at this time, “says Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) who chairs the committee. “Any time citizens are expected to incur an increase in cost for basic services, and especially given the current economic situation, the Metro Council needs to be diligent in questioning and understanding the need for such an increase in cost.”
Vince Guenthner, manager of Governmental Affairs for the Louisville Water Company will come before the committee at its meeting on Monday, December 1st.
The Board of Water Works approved the increase as a way to fund improvements in the waste treatment and delivery systems of the Company.
“The committee will also be asking how far along these projects are with regard to a need for the increase,” says Ward-Pugh. “I also would like a better understanding of how and when the Water Company decides to raise rates.”
The meeting will begin at 5:00pm in Council Chambers and will be broadcast live on Metro TV.

Groups are now lining up to question this unfair rate increase. Rick @ The 'Ville Voice is working hard on the story.


  1. Who is on the Board? The Mayor?

  2. The Board of Water Works is composed of seven members appointed by the Louisville Metro Mayor.

    Wendy C. Welsh, Chair
    Gerald Martin, Vice Chair
    Margaret Leavell Harris
    Marita Willis
    Ed Crooks
    Tandy Patrick

    The Louisville Metro Mayor serves as ex officio.

    The board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m. at 550 South Third Street. Each April the board appoints officers of the company.

    The executive leadership of Louisville Water Company is composed of:
    President/CEO of Louisville Water Company - Greg Heitzman, P.E.
    Vice President, Serving Customers - Dave Vogel
    Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary - Barbara Dickens
    Vice President of Operations & Chief Engineer - Jim Brammell, P.E.
    Vice President of Business Resources & Treasurer - Amber Halloran
    Vice President, Administration - Ed Chestnut
    President, AFSCME Local 1683 - Billy Meeks