Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Southwest Dream Team Meeting, 11/18/2008

Early this afternoon, I attended a meeting of the Southwest Dream Team, a group of people that "seek to impact the things we can truly change such as negative perceptions of this wonderful area of town". It was a rewarding experience to spend some time with fellow citizens that share so many common goals with respect to our community.

There was discussion on the plans to expand and market Jefferson Memorial Forest and installation of park benches, bus shelters and trash receptacles along Dixie Highway. There was a mention of a new post office for Valley Station, which is badly needed. Also present were representatives of the developers responsible for the new Kroger and surrounding shopping center in Valley Station. They were very open and forthcoming about their plans, and encouraged input from the residents. If you ever have the time, a short while with this group will give you hope for this end of town. They have shown themselves to be very bright and ambitious, and willing to put forth the effort to get things done. All Metro Council representatives from Southwest Louisville were on hand, with the exception of Doug Hawkins, who sent his Legislative Assistant.

Also revealed were the plans to install a huge banner on Dixie Highway off I-264 in Shively proclaiming "Welcome to Southwest Louisville". All in all, a good meeting with good, solid ideas.

The Group is divided into committees like History, Economy, Education and Infrastructure, to name a few. The historical committee is gathering materials for a coffee table book to be sold this time next year. Sounds like a winner.

Do your community a favor. Skip "Dancing With the Starts" and get involved. If you are interested in the group, or wish to contact the individuals that run the organization, please visit the website at www.swdreamteam.org. You will be glad you did.


  1. I am happy that there is such a group. I look forward to becoming more involved. I would like to mention something in regards to the new Kroger opening in Valley Station by the Gene. Why did the Kroger Board decide against the Valley location as the pilot for the Market place concept? I believe the comment was "We will not pilot this concept in the Southwest end of town." Why not? Are we not good enough?

  2. Like I said in the post, representatives for the developer of the new Kroger at Valley Commons were at the SW Dream Team meeting I attended. They had nothing to say but positive things about SW Louisville and, as far as I remember, did not allude to any "market place" concept with respect to one end of town vs. the other.

  3. Hi, I live in Valley Station and have for about 20 years. Is that house up top of this page, somewhere here in Valley Station? I just read the history on Valley Station. That was interesting to know about deering road, because I live off of deering road.

  4. The home pictured in The Valley Report logo is the Farnsley Moreman House. It's on the river in Southwestern Louisville, off of Lower River Road.

    Thanks for reading!