Friday, December 12, 2008

Find A Felon Friday 12/12/2008

Today, courtesy of LMPD, there are four (4) suspects for our "Find A Felon Friday" feature.

Kenneth L. Malone - Murder. Considered Armed and Dangerous
William Woods - Attempted Murder of a Police Officer
Joey Saho
- Escape. This guy cut off his home incarceration bracelet
Pearl V. Moxley - Drug Charges

You may view the suspects HERE.

Let's get 'em boys!!


  1. Hi, very interesting and needed site ... I will be coming to your meeting on Wednesday, I have some issues you may be able to give guidance on.
    Thanks, keep up the good work

  2. The meeting on Wednesday is being held by the Cane Run Road Improvement Club. I am not affiliated with them, I am just helping them announce their meeting. I may be there if my schedule allows, though. Thanks for your comments and I hope I can meet you there.


  3. If they are looking for felons, they might want to check around Metro Hall somewhere, they might find a few there that have their hands way into the cookie jar and obfuscating the facts and figures to cover up for someone.