Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update: Southwest Community Association of Neighborhoods (SCAN)

This is a follow up to my prior story on the Southwest Community Association of Neighborhoods and its Founder, President and Director Letty "Diana" Newton, a group that I had been told was no longer a going concern by several interested parties. According to the latest available information, Mrs. Newton is still an employee of Louisville Metro Government and works in the office of Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-25). I opined that the group appeared to be raising funds but not following the law in filing the proper IRS 990 forms.

After a little searching I found some information on the Kentucky Secretary of State's website that pertains to this group. It is, indeed, still operating, although not in any real sense in service to Southwest Louisville's neighborhoods. The group's mailing address has been changed to a P.O. Box downtown. The group has also been filing reports with the Kentucky Secretary of State's Office. To Wit:

My concerns are now amplified on this subject. We have this group, SCAN, that claims to be representing Southwest Louisville neighborhoods that is not doing anything of the sort. This group is also very possibly raising money, which should mean they are distributing money to others. After checking with the Internal Revenue Service, I found there are no records pertaining to the required yearly reports (Form 990) for this 501(c)3 group in the federal government's possession. And the group's founder, president and director, Mrs. Newton works for a Metro Councilman, which to any concerned citizen would logically seem like an enormous conflict of interest. The organization has a website, but it has been abandoned and has not been updated since 2004.

The questions are: When will SCAN file the required 990 reports with the IRS? Will Councilman Doug Hawkins disclose if he or anyone on the Metro Council has directed any city funds toward this group? Who is benefiting from any funds dispersed by the group? Is the group still based in Southwest Louisville now that it's chief officer has moved from the area? Is it legal or ethical for the group's leader to be working for and have access to city government or its resources?

These are questions being asked by me on behalf of the citizens of Southwest Louisville. Not out of malice, but because we need good, quality organizations that are looking out for our best interests. This is obviously not such a group. The questions asked here must be answered thoroughly, and soon.

More to come.


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  2. Tell me where she works, and I will issue a correction.

  3. I don't know about Newton, never met the woman, but that web page is OLD. Kelly left Hawkin's office, went to Downards for awhile, and then moved away (Texas?). All that happened about three or four years ago.

  4. If someone has information on where Diana Newton works, please send me the news. I tried calling her today and got no answer. If she no longer works for Hawkins, I would like to know so I can correct the story. Metro Government is the only employer I have for her. Not that it changes the story, but I still would prefer to have updated info.

    Please advise.

  5. last i heard she was still there and that was in late September 08

  6. The Courier-Journal has this on their website in the Government Employee Database:


  7. I think she is working in Hawkins office still.

  8. The people that keep talking about someone not working somewhere are actually trying to throw a lot of us a smokescreen. If they truly do not work for someone, then that would be appropriate. But lying about it and trying to obfuscate the facts is another matter entirely.

    Which is what Mayor Abramson has been doing for well over 20 years now. That is to obfuscate the facts, lie about the economic development in Louisville and to create a culture of dependency on low wage jobs paying retail and restaurant wages. Not a system of economic success by any means.

  9. Thanks for your comments. I have a request in to Hawkins' office to list his employees. I have not heard back from him. I also asked if he has ever donated, or known of any donations to this group on behalf of Metro Government. Nothing on that either. I guess it is time for a open records request.

  10. I just got off the phone with a Metro Employee that told me Diana Newton works as an aide in Councilman Hawkins' office. The record stands as is.

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  12. She works there. So you are either uninformed or a terrible liar. You are in way over your head here, bubba. And it wasn't plagarism. It was a difference of opinion.

    Get back to work and quit playing on internet web sites.