Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mayor's Bluff Called: No Layoffs

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson has filled the $20,000,000 hole in the city's budget without laying off city employees, despite constant threats of layoffs and desperate attempts to blame labor unions for prolonging the process. Included in the plan is the delay of over 40 building projects. At this hour, there is still no word on "opening the books" or any type of transparency associated with the budget crisis, despite calls from citizens, local bloggers, the Louisville Metro Council and organized labor for such. The Courier-Journal has the story on the details and you can read it HERE. WHAS11's story is HERE. WLKY has video HERE. FOX41's report is HERE.

I am still struck by the level of contempt shown by the Democratic mayor and his supporters towards labor unions. The local budget crisis and the American automobile industry's congressional loan deal has brought out the worst anti-union sentiment I have seen in a long time, especially among liberals, a group that has seemingly lost its collective marbles with respect to unions. Future contract negotiations with Jerry should be a real hoot, as should political meetings between trade unionists and Democrats.

All is not lost, however, and we shall eventually recover. Let's all take a breath and get back to work for Southwest Louisville, but remember to continue to push for openness and please continue to back our police, fire and other public safety unions.

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