Thursday, December 11, 2008

McConnell Says "NO" to Automaker Loan

UPDATE 12/12/2008, 12:22am: Mitch & Co. just killed the automakers loan bill. Read the disaster HERE.

Aren't you glad that Mitch McConnell got re-elected? Mitch came out today and said "No" to a bridge loan for the Big 3 automakers. Yes, the same Mitch McConnell that voted to give away money in a bailout of banks with no string attached. A free bailout to firms whose CEO gets $354 million in total compensation over the past five years as Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers has. But when unionized companies come and ask for a loan, there are conditions.

McConnell seems to want a guarantee that the unions will be busted at the companies before he agrees to LOAN money. What an ass.

HERE is a take from the West Coast.

CNN has it HERE.

Local coverage is lacking at the moment. All the C-J has is an opinion piece on the matter. When there is a local news outlet that covers McConnell's statement, I'll put the link up. Until then, enjoy this video clip by my friend Jim Pence from The Hillbilly Report. It is good stuff.

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