Thursday, December 25, 2008

Judge to Mayor: Pound Sand

As you have probably heard, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry issued a temporary injunction against Louisville Metro Government yesterday, prohibiting the city from raising fees associated with police take-home cars. Read the Courier-Journal article HERE. The judge said the city cannot raise the fees before a hearing on the matter is held by the state Labor Cabinet.

Yo-yo spokesperson Kerri Richardson said, "We maintain that the cars are a privilege, not a right, and the cars are not a part of the union's negotiated contract,". What Richardson and the rest of the mayor's office fails to understand, however, is that the issue of take-home cars are a little thing known in the labor world as "Past Practice". Benefits like take-home cars that have traditionally been offered for as many years are often ruled as "past practices", meaning that they have essentially become as good as contractual.

Congratulations to the FOP. With such hapless opponents, you guys should get used to winning.

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  1. You have to remember where his spokesperson Kerri Richardson came from. I'm sure that at her past employer they weren't exactly high on the list of labor friendly employers