Monday, December 22, 2008

Meeting Tonight on Otter Creek Options

Interested in what you can do to support Otter Creek Park? Then you will want to be at the Southwest Metro Government Center tonight at 7:00PM. Activist Patsy Bowman is inviting supporters to attend a public meeting to discuss options on how to keep Otter Creek open. Ms. Bowman has invited the Secretary of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet to attend.

This is an excellent opportunity for concerned citizens to gather in a warm place to trade ideas on how to save the park.

And special thanks to Doug Hawkins for sending out an email blast on the subject.


  1. Brian, thanks for posting this. I've been trying to get information on the meeting for a couple weeks now, to no avail. I plan on attending, despite not living in Doug Hawkins' district. I doubt very highly, however, that citizens concerned about the closing of OCP in other districts -- and there are quite a few of us -- even know about the meeting. If we're going to try to make a difference to the Mayor and the powers that be, we need to be more organized. That goes not only for Louisville citizens, but people from all over the region who don't want to see OCP closed.

  2. ugh!! missed it :( i need to keep up with the dates better..le sigh..what happened? were you there??

  3. Its about time you give Hawkins credit for something.

  4. It turns out he wasn't actually behind that action, so in the spirit of true journalism, I hereby retract that statement. Credit should have been given to his staff assistant, the talented Ms. Renay Davis for sending out the informative email.

    The Valley Report regrets the error.