Monday, February 23, 2009

Ex-Dixie Teacher Grider Getting Wild at Wilt

The nuttiness at Wilt Elementary is getting cranked up to unacceptable levels. To Wit: Nearly a week after the sentencing of ex-Dixie Elementary School principal Adrian Sanford on felony theft charges, there is another former employee of the school in the news. WHAS11 reports that teacher David Grider is being followed by a security guard at Wilt Elementary after allegedly making a threat against that school's principal.

Mr. Grider taught at Dixie Elementary under Sanford, and was once accused of hitting a student with his car during a protest and being verbally abusive to fifth grade students while at Dixie.

See the complete report HERE.

If there is anyone with additional information on the accused, please contact me. Confidentiality Assured.


  1. The Child everyone keeps saying mr grider hit with his car was my bestfriends son and it did not happen that way i was there and i know exactly what happened, and he did not hit the child, so before saying things no the facts first. this protest was over Mr. Sanford and if JCPS would of did there job in the first place and took care of Mr. Sanford when we spoke out Mr. Grider would not of needed a Counsler.

  2. My writing clearly states Mr. Grider was "accused" of hitting the child with his car.

    Being "Accused" is not the same as being "Guilty".

    Thanks for commenting.