Monday, February 23, 2009

Have You Read Your Paper Today?

Monday usually equals a terrible newspaper, but today's Courier-Journal has come alive with no less than four (4) hot articles. Look:

- Absent a miracle, Stumbo's slot bill will not receive a vote this session. It looks as though some legislators are content to wait until the state's economic condition is terminal before doing anything to bring revenue. Read the details HERE.

- National coal waste storage standards are badly needed and may become reality soon thanks to a series of environmental disasters involving the millions of gallons of liquid poison sludge stored in "ponds". James Bruggers has the story HERE.

- One year after Metro Public Works engineering supervisor Ali Ahmadi illegally constructed the building housing the Javanon Soccer Club, neighbors are still outraged, the structure still stands and the club still operating. More about the cronyism HERE.

- Joe Gerth writes about the "Mayor for Life" and his political future. Juicy gossip HERE.

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