Thursday, February 26, 2009

Parents Pack Wilt For Answers

WHAS11 has more on the situation at Wilt Elementary involving David Grider, a fourth grade instructor at the school who allegedly threatened the life of the principal there during a counseling session with a therapist. Parents packed the school tonight looking for answers, and judging by the reaction shown in the WHAS video, school principal Kimberly Kent disappointed them Immensely on a Grand Level.

I have previously laid out my personal opinion of the teacher, which you can read by clicking HERE.

The more we know about the situation, the more it looks like Principal Kent over-reacted to a foul-ball remark made by an miffed, George Costanza-like character. This probably will not end well for Grider. But I still think it is a mistake to create some type of monster out of the man.

I have put myself in the shoes of the parents, and I believe Grider should be kept on. I also hope the parents find whatever it is they are looking for.

This is the latest example of how inept JCPS Superintendant Dr. Sheldon Berman truly is when it comes to investigating goofy behavior among employees and reporting to parents. There seems to be no system in place to involve parents at any level. Spare Grider. Blame Berman.


  1. You think the principle over-reacted??? Have you ever had your life threatened? Do you have children, spouse, or friend in that building with him?

  2. Yes, yes and used to have my wife and one of my children in the same school with him.

    If Principal Kent was so afraid of Grider and he was indeed a legitimate, imminent threat, he would be either in jail or fired. Maybe both. But he is not.

    Let's say you were in a counseling session, and you had a rotten ex-husband that you hated. During the session, you recklessly remark, "I'd like to kill that S.O.B.". Do you think you should be locked up?

    This is true madness. Grider is harmless. Let him teach.