Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Madness

- The metro zoning board slapped a "closed" sign on Javanon Soccer Club yesterday. As you recall, Javanon's building had been illegally erected by a city engineering supervisor and was given a free pass by IPL. HERE is the story.

- Another reason to be glad you are not living in Indiana: Republicans in Indiana's State Senate have written a bill that would "revamp" the state's unemployment system. When I say "revamp" it means "make worthless". Apparently, those in the Hoosier GOP think living on unemployment insurance is some type of vacation and that people aren't applying for open jobs. Attention Hoosier GOP: There are no jobs. The Courier has this story, too.

- My friends over at Broken Sidewalk have begun what I hope can be an annual tradition by staging the first-ever Neighborhood Derby 2009. An excerpt from the site:

Vote for your favorite neighborhoods in an all-out battle for the BS Trophy.

So, no one actually wins anything here, but a whole lot of neighborhood pride is on the line. Spread the word and get your neighborhood to vote early on each contest. We’re expecting some of the competition to be fierce and even hope for a few upsets. You can vote for any neighborhood you prefer and can vote in every battle between two neighborhoods/neighborhood groups.

Beechmont & the South End goes up against New Albany first. This match-up should be a blowout. Get over to Broken Sidewalk and vote early & often. HERE's the link to the post, and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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