Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Valley of the Guns

Last December there was an incident at Valley High School involving a 15 year old student and a gun. At that time, I spoke with Valley's Vice-Principal Dennis Williams. He stressed the "uncommon" nature of the matter, and I agreed with him.

Yesterday, there were two separate incidents involving two guns at Valley High School. That makes three guns that school officials have found in just over 100 days. A JCPS spokesperson repeated the assertion that events such as these are not "frequent" at the school. Today, I disagree with the notion that these incidents are infrequent or uncommon.

What is going on at Valley that students think they have to arm themselves to report to class?

I don't know the answer.

WHAS11 has a report on the issue HERE.

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  1. 40+ years ago at PRP it was knives. I am sorry to say the ugly element of society has been and always will be us. Although operating just below the surface,from time to time the ugliness erupts.