Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Ides of March: Sun Valley Update #4

As you know, I have kept a close watch on our beloved Sun Valley Park and the damage it has endured since city officials saw fit to use it as a dump for storm debris. I, among others, was assured last November the park would be free of debris by Christmas 2008. We are now into March, and the situation there has not yet been corrected. As you can see by looking HERE, HERE, HERE and below, the work seems to have ground to a halt with no end in sight. If you were to ask the mayor why this project cannot be completed, he will tell you that the city has much more going on that Sun Valley. That much is true. But why, in a "first-class" city like Louisville, can't we do more than one thing at once?

To be fair, I can tell you that ice storm debris still sits on the roadside at the corner of Cannons Lane and Lexington Road. The ice storm stuff is still everywhere. But this debris in the park is from September 2008. That is far too long ago to have the situation still be a problem.


  1. I could imagine the mayor has a lot going on right now, due to the collapsing economy...I can understand this but he can definitely be more supportive of the people and our area...he does in fact have a lot of people that WANT to help he needs to use his contacts to his advantage instead of postponing like a madman..ha, everyone knows how much good that does!

  2. Still piled high in Shawnee Park also ....

  3. Thanks for the update on Shawnee Park. I wish I could venture out that way more often, but there's so much out here to deal with it is tough to travel the city.

    Thanks again!