Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Council to Address Metro Transparency & Ethics "Tip Line"

The 'Ville Voice is reporting the "transparency ordinance" that was introduced in February will be voted on during this week's council meeting. You can view the text of the proposal HERE.
Councilman Kevin Kramer will also be introducing an ordinance to establish a metro ethics "tip line". Both ordinances have broad bi-partisan support. Here's what Councilman Kramer had to say:

“This ordinance, along with the e-transparency and ethics ordinances is cornerstones for a more open and accessible local government. This ordinance follows the best practices of other communities and offers government employees and the public a 3rd party anonymous tip line, as prescribed by both the Metro and State Auditor’s Offices,” Kramer said.

It is not clear if the mayor would sign either of these ordinances into law.

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