Friday, April 10, 2009

The "Nose" Always Knows.....

When economic times get tough, crimes like robberies and burglaries are almost certain to rise. LMPD 3rd Division Major Jim Sohan says there has been a “substantial rise in residential burglaries in the last month.” This is enough to send most residents in a hot sprint to the gun shop. But in this time of record unemployment, even thieves may be running out of work soon.

You see, arrests have been made in a vast majority of the burglary cases. You can credit your "nosy neighbors" for being more active in reporting suspicious activity to police. Why so many reports to police by nosy neighbors you may ask? Because more people than ever before are laid off from their jobs. Nearly everyone is home due to lack of work, and they are bored to death. What does one do between watching Maury, clipping toenails and surfing the internet for job opportunities? You turn into the ubiquitous "nosy neighbor". Hear a car door slam? Take a look out the window. Hear glass breaking? Pick up the phone and call police. Bingo...we've got action!

I am certainly thankful for my nosy neighbors, unemployed or not. Looking out for one another is part of being a great community. If you have no nosy neighbors or are surrounded by them, you should consider organizing them by forming a block watch in your area. Let's put the people to work and put thieves out of business.

Click HERE for a list of frequently asked questions about neighborhood watch programs and information on starting your own.

[Hat-tip to the office of Doug Hawkins for providing crime info]

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