Monday, April 06, 2009

It's Monday Night...Is There A Ballgame On Or Something?

- So much for the myth of "Japanese car plants or parts suppliers never lay anyone off". Toyota Boshoku America is laying off over 300 workers and closing it's plant in Leitchfield, KY. The company is moving the production to Mexico. WHAS11 has the story.

- The Kentucky Lottery turned 20 years old today, reminding us that gambling adds a lot of money to state coffers. Over $3 billion in proceeds have been paid to state education programs. As we reflect on that benefit to our Commonwealth, perhaps we should consider raising our voices in support of expanded gaming. Think about it.

- It is going to freeze tonight, so cover up those flowers or new plants you may have added to your garden. But don't use plastic. It doesn't work as well as cloth.

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  1. The closing of another manufacturing plant in the U.S. to NAFTA is nothing but the failure of trade policiy that has shipped blue collar jobs out of this country.Laid off workers in this area will have a difficult time finding work. Thanks Mitch for your support of middle class jobs in Kentucky.