Monday, April 27, 2009

Derby-Week Monday Madness

- Three construction workers were injured during a concrete pour at the downtown stadium today. Thankfully, none of them suffered life-threatening injuries. Read more at the C-J.

- Talk about a timely reminder: Tomorrow, April 28, is Workers Memorial Day. HERE is a flyer. Mourn for the dead, fight for the living.

- I took the opportunity to visit the Hicks Home today and snapped a few pictures. You will not believe what I found. Watch for the update tomorrow.

- Calm Down: The Commonwealth is still free from swine flu, just like nearly all of the United States. But, be free of swine, eh? And Don't Worry: Officials have said the Derby is still on despite the "swine flu madness" that has gripped the news media and paralyzed the public in a panic of fear and silliness not seen since Y2K.

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