Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hicks House Update for Tuesday, April 28

Upon my arrival to the Hicks home, I stopped and took a look at the old mailbox at the highway. It is extremely old, and has some markings on it that have somewhat vanished and some that are partially covered by stickers. There are markings that seem to say "Hillmeadow Builders" on the box. "Hillmeadow" I am sure of. The "Builders" part is a best guess.

Upon further examination, the home is beginning to look severely dilapidated. The windows are boarded in the front, but the addition on the rear is suffering greatly at the hand of squatters. Vandals have seized the property and are using it for a restroom and glass-breaking parties. The rear addition as well as the additions on the left and right side of the home should be secured and eventually torn down in order to protect the integrity of the whole structure. There is an interesting array of debris strung about the property, the most notable of which is the well-preserved green shopping basket that came from Consolidated Stores. Most of you will remember CSC occupied a space at then-Westland Mall many, many years ago. No additional information was gathered about the home from this visit. Please browse the pictures below:

After mulling around on the outskirts of the highway-front property, I decided to follow the gravel path leading up the hill. When I rounded a curve, I saw three abandoned automobiles. One has an expired plate from Indiana. I do not know who owns the vehicles, but they are badly damaged and look to have been stolen and left there for dead. When I ascended to the top of the winding gravel pathway, I saw a sight that literally took my breath away. See these pictures below:

This is the home that was built by Dr. Hicks' son, the man who had the "Jesus Is Lord" sign constructed on the hill below. There is also a cross made of lights affixed to the rear of the home. This once-magnificent showplace stands boarded also. It has a view that would knock your socks off. It is a much more modern home that offers a three-car garage and many amenities, such as a over-garage patio that allows for scenic views of Indiana. I want this place very badly. It would be the perfect secure location for me to spend the rest of my life blogging in obscurity about the issues facing Southwest Louisville. The last picture in this series is just one of the many perfect scenic views. The hill in the foreground is Southern Indiana. The white thing at the bottom is the roof of the Target store. Emotions aside, this home is really interesting because of the location, and I am sincerely glad I ventured up the hill. There is a story for this one, too. We just don't have it yet.

That is all for now. I am still waiting on a few replies from the proper people regarding the historical value of the main, roadside home. Keep those tips and stories coming in, and thank you!


  1. It's just tragic the kind of damage the old house has suffered. But I am astonished at the very existence of the other one. I've lived here in Valley my entire life, and never suspected that was there.

    I do hope something can be done to save both of those buildings.