Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HOT--Ford Layoffs at LAP Confirmed

Union officials at Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant will be announcing that approximately 380 employees will be permanently laid off from the facility. Employees having seniority of November 27, 1999 will be affected. Text messages received from elected UAW leaders confirm the numbers. The layoffs will begin shortly.

This layoff will reduce the number of Louisville Assembly Plant employees down to around 1050, down from nearly 4000 in 2002.

More info as it becomes available. Remember, you heard it here first.

UPDATE- 4/29/09, 7:50pm: WHAS11 is reporting on the story. Layoffs will begin July 1st, according to union officials. Click HERE.

The Courier-Journal has a report HERE.

I keep my former co-workers in my thoughts as they continue to deal with the stress and hardship going on in the American automotive industry. The last several years have been very tough for autoworkers with major contract concessions, layoffs and rampant speculation. I wish you and your families all the best, and good luck.


  1. To the men and women at Ford:

    Certainly what lies ahead could have frightening consequences, but remain hopeful and optimistic. Hold on dearly to your faith, your spouse,family and friends.

    These are tough times. Hold on to what matters.


  2. Hang tough! Ford will recover. They are positioned to take off once the economy picks up.
    Tim Keith