Monday, April 20, 2009

Mayor Strolls Out of SW Louisville Smiling

First, allow me to say Stuart Middle School needs new chairs. Stuart has been a middle school for well over 20 years, yet the highly uncomfortable, worn out seats still proclaiming "Stuart H.S." are in full use. Mine had something very old carved in the seat. I think it said "Moses". Have a look at the hardware:

Okay. The mayor's Community Conversation for the month of April was lightly attended. It has been mentioned that perhaps Southwest residents are satisfied with their lot, hence the lack of complaints, challenges or traditional outbursts at the meeting tonight. Whatever the reason, the mayor seemed happy, upbeat and emerged completely unscathed.

There were a few up and coming guys in local politics present, and I was glad to get a few moments with them to ask about their positions on issues. Marty Meyer is running for State Senate in District 38. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to the 38th District. If you see him out somewhere, talk to him. You will not be disappointed.

David Yates was also present. Yates is a young attorney with a remarkable record on consumer protection litigation. He also has a great family. Watch this guy closely. He will be a power player. Trust me, I know these things.

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  1. Dave Yates seems like a good guy ans I hope Marty spanks Dan SLIME. Glad you guys are in southwest louisville we need you two!!!!