Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mice of St. Andrews

WLKY is reporting on a story that needs some attention. Two local guys are renting an apartment at the complex known as "The Oaks of St. Andrews", located in South Louisville on Brooklawn Drive. It seems to have what professionals may deem a "rodent problem". The men became aware of the infestation in January and notified the out-of-town landlord. Anonymous tenants claim there were 13 dead mice occupying a single unit, and residents say they cannot bring food or children into the space because of the rotten living conditions. The manager of the complex laughed at tenants when they complained.

I searched for more information about the complex, and came up with a sales pitch on why you should move there:

Maybe you long for a quiet, comfortable home with an excellent location or the prompt maintenance. Perhaps it's the friendly atmosphere. Whatever the reason, The Oaks at St. Andrews is apartment living at its best! This community is what easy living is all about. It features all the amenities and comforts any discriminating apartment shopper could want. And it's close to major employers, fine restaurants, Dixie Manor, Westland Mall and Southern Terrace. The Oaks at St. Andrews... you'll be proud to call it home.

I cannot imagine anyone having to live in these conditions, especially in America, 2009. The two guys have a lease that isn't up until August, and if they took the owner's offer to move to a new location, the guys would be out many green dollars transferring things like cable installation and utilities. Not to mention the guys would still be living under the same group of slumlord's that allowed this situation to spiral out of control. Someone connected with the case called Metro Call 311 to complain, but the operator reportedly told the caller it would be 20 days before someone could handle the problem.

Think about this, and if there are any attorneys out there who want to do a good deed, look these guys up. Tip O' the Hat goes to my friend Steve from Louisville History & Issues.

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  1. Shouldn't the IPL inspectors be checking out this place as well as the Board of Health. Where are people in Jerry's administration at when they should be doing a job such as inspecting rotten premises and enforcing our health codes. I rarely agree on overreaching government but this should be a time that they do these jobs.