Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Shively Gets Tough On Residential Parking

The Shively City Council has voted to strengthen enforcement of a law that prohibits residents from parking any vehicle in one's yard or any other area that is not paved. Citations will be written by Shively Police, rather than relying on code enforcement officials. Citizens in violation will receive a warning, then have 10 days to move the vehicle. Fines will range from $25 to $100.

The CJ has an article on the story, but there is no word on permits for extraordinary events, such as Derby parties.

What do you think? Ham-handed silliness or reasonable policy?


  1. Having lived within the old city limits with such restrictions, I say good for you Shively. Parking, that is what driveways are for and not rut filled yards.

  2. Anonymous: Why is it your business if somebody else needs to park in their yard? Driveways are often too narrow to handle two parallel cars.

  3. Steve Magruder: "Why is it your business if somebody else needs to park in their yard?"

    It is everyones business when someone is running a used car lot/maintenance business on their front lawn. Two of these so-called "businesses" operate where I live. This is not to even mention how much of an eye sore it gives the neighborhood.

  4. Ah come on Steve, driveways and hard surfaces are for vehicles, yards are an indended thing of beauty. Double-wide drives take two cars, single width drives only one one vehicle.

    Civility is not relative.