Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Metro Council Committees

Newly-elected Metro Council President Tom Owen has announced his appointments to committees for 2010. After looking closely at them, I believe it is time for us to begin the discussion on term limits for members of the council.

Here are the Chairs and Vice-Chairs for Metro Council Committees in 2010

Appropriations NDF’s and CIF’s:
Robin Engel (R-22) Chair
Rick Blackwell (D-12) Vice Chair

Jim King (D-10) Chair
Kelly Downard (R-16) Vice Chair

Community Affairs:
Barbara Shanklin (D-2) Chair
Doug Hawkins (R-25) Vice Chairman

Contracts and Appointments:
Stuart Benson (R-20) Chair
Mary Woolridge (D-3) Vice Chair

Energy & Environment:
Brent Ackerson (D-26) Chair
James Peden (R-23 Vice-Chair

Government Accountability and Oversight:
Tina Ward-Pugh (D-9) Chair
Ken Fleming (R-7) Vice Chairman

Health & Human Needs:
Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13) Chair
Kevin Kramer (R-11) Vice Chair

Labor & Economic Development:
Marianne Butler (D-15) Chair
Kelly Downard (R-16) Vice Chair

Parks, Libraries & Cultural Activities:
Glen Stuckel (R-17) Chair
Bon Henderson (D-14) Vice Chair

Planning/Zoning, Land Design & Development:
Jon Ackerson (R-18) Chair
Dan Johnson (D-21) Vice Chair

Public Safety:
Kevin Kramer (R-11) Chair
Judy Green (D-1) Vice Chair

Transportation/Public Works:
Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5) Chair
Robin Engel (R-22) Vice Chair

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