Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drug Testing and A "Pact With The Devil"...Thursday's Nuttiness

- Shively's City Council has voted to exclude themselves from the city's new random drug testing policy. Shively's mayor, Sherry Conner, thought the city's elected officials should lead by example, but a majority of the council thought otherwise. Do as we say...not as we do. [C-J]

- If you want to own a business that never has to take a loss, buy an electric company. LG&E is seeking yet another rate hike (+12% electric and +9% natural gas) to cover the cost of storm repairs and to pay for things normally associated with routine maintenance. The Kentucky Public Service Commission is expected to rule on the phony request by Aug. 1. [C-J]

- Wacked-out "religious" nutcase Pat Robertson has stated Haiti has been cursed by a pact with the devil, hence the devastating earthquake that may have killed thousands. He then went on to mutter some nonsense about voodoo rituals. Question: If we pray for Robertson's speedy death, do we feel guilt when he croaks or is it simply God's will? [Yahoo]


  1. All three of these stories amke my bowels move!

  2. Sorry for the typo. The Shively city council is simply displaying the same hypocrasy that we have come to expect from our so called leaders.
    Calling Pat Robertson a nutcase is insulting to nutcases everywhere! TSKeith