Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And Now...The Sports Report

- My Dallas Cowboys take on the savage, well-rested Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, January 17th at 1:00PM in the NFC Divisional NFL Playoff game. The Cowboys are coming off a big-time home win against a very bad Philadelphia Eagles gang who only beat one team with a winning record this season. Brett Favre and the Vikings needed the extra weeks rest after a couple of grueling games. The Vikings are favored by 2.5 points at home against the Cowboys Sunday.

PREDICTION: The 'Boys will turn Brett & Co. into quivering lumps of Jello and win handily, provided they can overcome the bitter cold and lack of hookers on the streets of Minneapolis this time of year. Good luck.

- The "2009-2010 NCAA Champion" University of Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team take on the Florida Gators tonight at 9pm. Florida started 8-0, but have since lost 4 of their last 7 to teams that they should have beaten like a gong, like South Alabama. Fans in Gainesville will storm out of the building tonight, rip off their Gator shirts, and renounce any affiliation with the University.

PREDICTION: Cats cruise down South and whip those amateurs like they stole something, and fans in Lexington will realize they never really needed Billy Donovan in the first place.


  1. I have followed KY basketball for decades. Now I cannot. Coach Cal is a proven cheater and encourages dirty ball. The Cousins incident during the UL game was the dirtiest move I have ever witnessed from any UK player. Then for Cal to gloss it over as execptable behavior is going to far. Don't get to excited about a championship. The NCAA will stike it from the record books after the next scandal. T.S. Keith

  2. Are you talking about this incident? When that Swopshire punk kneed Cousins in the face?


    We agree on much, however, this is an issue on which I am completely unwilling to move. Go Cats.


  3. Did you watsh the same game? Yes, the scrum for the loose ball was violent ( as it always is these days in college ball). At no time did I see any UL player pin Cousins to the floor and then smack him in the head! This act by cousins was not about going for the ball, it occured after the whistle. I have loved UK for many years but, I will not turn a blind eye to this madness. Also, do you mean to say if the other team acts badly, then it is OK for Uk? Shouldn't we expect better from our beloved Wildcats? T.S. Keith