Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beware The Banker Dressed in the Clothes of the Working Man

Just as I haven't scattered the morning dew in a while, I haven't laughed out loud at a news item in quite some time.  Until tonight.  The Courier-Journal has an article online about Mayoral candidate and Councilman Jim King and his "labor plan". After reading the entire piece, it is my professional opinion that the journalist, Dan Klepal, doesn't give two shits about Jim King.  Of course, I could be wrong. But it is much more fun to imagine he doesn't.

Naturally, I was intrigued at the mere mention of unions.  After all, I am known in some circles as a Union Man and I'm concerned anytime some hack goes around squalling about his "plan" for unions. Here's a gem of a quote I pulled from the article, as King struggles to align himself with everyday workers...
“I will stand strong for the working men and women of this community,” he said. “You can take that to the bank.”

King is a rich banker who leads the mayoral race in fundraising because of a $760,000 loan he made to his own campaign. But he said that his roots are Working Class.
I can't believe King didn't try and turn this press event into a commercial for his chintzy-ass bank. I can see it now..."Damn roots are working class! You can take that to the bank!  Hell, take it to King Southern Bank! Maybe if you guys work hard, someday YOU can own a bank and BUY YOUR DAUGHTER SOMETHING NICE! Like an ELECTION!! Damn!!  Hell!!"

To date, King's contribution to Organized Labor has been his co-sponsoring of the "Labor Standards Ordinance", which failed miserably and was later rewritten to exclude nearly every project it was intended to include in the first place.

It is now clear to me that King's campaign has turned to wax. But did John McCain's. And that doddering old fool whipped many others at extremely long odds to become his party's nominee. If King & Co. can continue to persuade people to jump into the mayor's race, the percentage he needs to actually win continues to dwindle. We cannot afford to let that happen. Are you with me?

HOT!! This Just In:  Good Ol' Working Class Jim King's campaign website was designed by Kinematic Studios in Quezon City, Philippines. King OFF-SHORED the development of his site while local web developers sit idle. Nice job, Jim. Way to support "working class" Louisvillians.  Tip O' the Hat to my friend Steve Magruder.


  1. What a nefarious snake in the grass. This creep is already to powerful for our own good. Let's hope he goes down. T.S.Keith

  2. I always enjoy reading good moral outrage that is not misdirected (like we see from teabagger types). Good job!

    If the good people of Louisville elect a banker (a BANKER) in this climate, I will have to think that the entire city slipped through The Looking Glass. It won't be a pretty administration either. This guy will be Marion Berry and Mayor Jer combined.

    Also thanks for the nod. I was pretty amazed myself when I uncovered that gem about King's web development. Also, note the latest campaign-related flyer to campaign recruits on LouHI. And, I'm researching even more stuff about King, hopefully to reveal tomorrow.

    The Chinese warned us about interesting times.

  3. Kings bank week in and week out has the highest interest rates for loans in Louisville.This must be the 11th plan for working families here in Louisville.Thanks but no thanks Jim.