Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year, New Look.

Welcome to the new and improved design of The Valley Report @ southwestlouisville.com. If you have any comments or suggestions on the new layout, feel free to let me know. Now...on to the news.

- E.On, the foreign, for-profit owner of LG&E and Kentucky Utilities, is offering to replace faulty thermostats that were given away to customers through their "Demand Conservation" program. The thermostats may overheat and cause a fire. Chip Keeling, spokesperson, is vague and sounds a little misleading to me in this Courier-Journal article on the situation.

- The Local Weekly is reporting Valley High School is to receive $26 million in federal stimulus funds to transition Valley to a “Medical Magnet School”. This will provide a three-career pathway for students interested in jobs in the medical and health fields, as well as environmental careers. More info soon.

- Our community has a new neighbor - the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, committed to Brotherhood, friendship and community service, along with a healthy dose of patriotism and national pride. The chapter is involved heavily in the community - hosting fund-raising drives for various charities throughout the Metro - the most significant being the Toys for Tots, Indian Summer Cancer Camp for Kids in conjunction with the Support Families in need in the community. Other notable charities sponsored by the Iron Motocycle Club includes: Independence Animal Shelter, Hope House, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and St. Jude's Hospital. Already, they helped two local Fairdale families at Christmas with over $600.00 in food, gifts and clothes for their families. The Clubhouse at 10008 Mitchell Hill Road is open to motorcyclists and the community every Friday from 7pm till 11pm. They can be reached at info@ironordermc.net They look forward to meeting the community and taking an active role in local charities. Thanks to Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch for this info.

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