Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bunning Sucks...And Other News

- I have avoided writing on this humiliating Jim Bunning mess with hopes that it would disappear. Last night on my way home from work I heard a report on the story by the BBC. I realized the story had made it around the world in short order, partly because of the sadness of it all.  The saddest part: Democrats had a lead of 60 to 40 in the Senate and couldn't get a damn thing passed.  Evidently all you need is one (1) doddering old man with a burr up his ass to stop progress on anything.

- Question for the mayoral candidates: How do you feel about Jim Bunning?

- WHAS11 says a New York Times report states LG&E is up for sale. Can WE buy it?

- A new Southwest Library? I'll believe it when I see it. HERE is the mayor's official release.


  1. Evidently all you need is one (1) doddering old man with a burr up his ass to stop progress on anything.

    That's one doddering old man representing over 2 million Americans, and it's a feature of the system, not a bug.

    Were he not retiring anyway, he'd be voted out in a landslide for his antics, and the machine keeps on churning...

  2. I understand the deliberate nature of the U.S. Senate, but one ailing man with a sudden sensitivity toward supposed "fiscal responsibility" shouldn't stop the entire works. Particularly when the majority of the 2 million plus Americans he represents do not agree with his awkward and untimely stance. I agree that he would be beaten like a gong in November, and I am afraid his actions reflect so negatively on Kentuckians as to make us even more of a joke...worldwide.

  3. I disagree with Mr. Finch. Jim Bunning is NOT representing Kentuckians. He is only stumping for his corporate pals. He and his pal McConnel do not care about us.

  4. As far as "representing" Kentuckians, I only meant it in the technical sense, as an elected Senator. I've seen no evidence that Bunning has a principled bone in his body, and I'm no fan.

    Plus his slider was junk.